What is a Hemp CBD Oil Tincture?

Posted by CRPHEALTH on 17th Jun 2019

In recent years the cannabidiol (CBD) industry has grown in leaps and bounds, with many players coming into the market and a wide range of products joining jostling for space and recognition on already crowded shelves.

The industry has also spawned a raft of bewildering terminology, with most of the terms being tongue-twisting scientific names and phraseology, while others have arisen within the industry. Many of the words are missing in the dictionary. These words and phrases can be very confusing. In this article, we shall try to explain one of the new terminologies, tincture.

What is a CBD tincture?

The dictionary describes 'tincture' as a medical solution in an alcoholic substance. Other sources, such as traditional herbal medicine, will refer to it as plant matter that is extracted into alcohol. Therefore, technically speaking, a tincture is a solvent that carries a drug or a pharmaceutical compound, for ease of or the convenience of ingestion. In the CBD industry and fraternity, the term tincture borrows heavily from the practice of herbal medicine. In folk medicine, there are many recipes for tincture, most of which are alcohol derived.

Self-made CBD oil tincture

It is possible to make one's tincture at home. You can use unheated plant material to make green dragon tincture or the heating (decarboxylating) to create what is known as gold dragon tincture. To make either of these types of tincture at you, you need high-proof alcohol or high-proof rum to separate the cannabinoids from the raw plant.

Benefits of DIY CBD tincture

It will cost you much less to make your tincture compared to buying it. If you live in a state that allows the growing of cannabis, this route could be more cost effective. You will probably be unable to determine the dosage accurately, but at least you can assess potency yourself.

You will also be able to choose which variety to use, whether the high- CBD or the high-THC strains, in tandem with your specific needs.

Negatives of DIY CBD tincture

Fire risk. High-proof alcohol is very flammable. You will have to be very careful with handling and ensure adequate ventilation.

Decarboxylation or heating cannabis will produce heavy odor.

The strong alcohol will produce a tincture that causes a burning sensation during ingestion

Difference between home and commercial CBD tinctures

Although many manufacturers use ethanol (which is the main ingredient of consumable alcohol) in the manufacture of a tincture, their product does not have the burning sensation found in the DIY green dragon varieties. The manufacturers subtract the ethanol solvent from the extract after the process.

How to use a CBD oil tincture

Whether its high-CBD or high-THC tincture, homemade or commercially manufactured, the methods of use are relatively similar. Ingestion can be sublingual for faster absorption into the bloodstream, or you can blend into or add it to your food. The effects of the compound will take longer to be felt, compared to the sublingual method, because absorption into the bloodstream via the digestive system is slower.

It is possible to make the DIY home tincture palatable to the sublingual method by using heat to evaporate the ethanol and blending with your favorite carrier. Remember, if you can't make your own, you can always buy a CBD oil tincture online from a reputable vendor.