Factors to consider when Buying Hemp CBD Oil

Posted by CRPHEALTH on 19th Jun 2019

What is Hemp CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a product extracted from the Hemp plant. Currently, many countries are passing laws to legalize CBD products because of the benefits it offers, and the market for CBD oils is expected to improve even more. Consequently, users are starting to learn the use and the essence of CBD oil. It is correct to say that it is necessary to make this product readily available for users all over the world. However, improving the popularity of the cannabinoid-rich products has affected the buyers in several ways. Several manufacturers who are led by the motive to take advantage of this business chance are using misleading marketing and deceptive advertising to increase their profits. It means that it is very easy for CBD oil users to fall for the wrong products. The following article provides a guide for the factors to keep in mind to ensure that you buy the right CBD oil.

1. The extraction process

It is correct to say that the CBD industry has been well-established for several decades. It means that different manufacturers have invented various methods to extract the CBD oil from the cannabis plant. Experts say that the best extraction techniques to apply are the low-temperature and the solvent-free CO2 methods. Buyers should stay away from CBD oil that was extracted using any other methods. It is because the solvent-based extraction is likely to leave traces of potentially dangerous chemical residues in the end product. To enjoy the benefits offered by CBD oil, you need to consume one that does not contain the active compound. Hence, the extraction technique is a critical factor to consider before making any CBD oil purchase.

2. The part of the hemp plant that the CBD oil was made from

Secondly, knowing the part of the cannabis plant that the CBD was extracted from is another essential step in being able to differentiate properly-made oil from a bad one. It is advisable to buy CBD oil that was obtained from the flowers, leaves, stem and the stalk. Always avoid oil extracted from the seeds. Some CBD oil sellers take advantage of the less-knowledgeable buyers by selling them hempseed oil in a bottle claiming that it is a CBD tincture. Typically, hempseed oil is nutritious, but the plant seeds lack any active CBD compound. Therefore, before buying any CBD oil, ensure that the manufacturer has indicated the part of the plant that the oil was extracted from.

3. Availability of third-party lab testing

These days, there are very many scam companies selling fake CBD products, and customers need to be sure of the content of the products they are consuming. Third party lab testing is essential because it enables CBD oil users to differentiate the right oil from the bogus one. Apart from the quality, the test also provides the amount of CBD and the hemp-based compounds (flavonoids, terpenes and phytocannabinoids) that the oil contains. Before buying any product, check if the seller has provided a third-party lab report. If they cannot, look for other sellers. Note that the report should come from a trusted and certified analytics laboratory.

4. The price

The price is usually the first product that customers consider before buying any product. The cost of CBD oil is more informative than any product description page on the internet. The standard price of a bottle of the high-quality 1,000 mg oral CBD oil is approximately $70. If you pay a lower price for the same amount, you could be buying the low-quality CBD oil made from Chinese and Indian hemp. You might be willing to buy something that you can afford because low prices are always attractive, but the quality of Hemp oil is more important than the cost. It is better to pay more for something that will be beneficial, instead of paying less for something dangerous or that does not contain the crucial compounds.

5. The company selling the product

Thousands of companies are currently selling CBD oil because of the increased popularity of the product. Some of these brands are real, while others are fly-by-night operators. If a customer is not careful enough, they might end up buying products from the wrong company. Before making any purchase, consider factors such as the reputation of the company and their quality of customer service. Visit the company’s website and see what previous customers have to say about them. These online reviews can be very educative. However, beware of the online scammers and the multi-level marketers that use the internet and social media platforms to attract buyers. Always ensure that you buy CBD oil from a registered and certified company. Ask for recommendations from your friends and family members. For example, you can request them to tell you the kind of experience they had with a particular company.

6. Is the CBD oil used orally, as CBD vape oil or both?

Vape pens have become very famous these days. As a result of this popularity, different companies are advertising CBD oils that can be used as an oral tincture and as a CBD vape liquid. The oral tincture is usually placed under the tongue. Users should always avoid the vape oil products because they are dangerous. Most of them are made with thinning agents. In case they are put under extreme temperatures, they might end up producing by-products of carcinogenic. The human body can react negatively to formaldehyde and acetaldehyde. Therefore, when looking for CBD oil for sale, make sure that you buy one that can only be used orally and avoid the ones that can be used with vape pens or other sorts of the vaporizer.

Understanding the benefits of CBD oil and getting quality products are two different things. It is important to note that the cannabis industry is not under the control of the FDA. Therefore, private labellers and manufacturers can advertise their CBD oil products under their own terms. These activities end up affecting the standard customers who cannot differentiate the high and low-grade products. This article has provided a buying guide for the customers looking for pure CBD oil. It is essential to keep those factors in mind every time you want to buy CBD oil to get the value for your money and to ensure that you are safe from the wrong marketers and sellers.